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New Regulation Bats!

This off-season the league has been making rule changes to make offense easier. The first step was adjusting the base hit lines to be closer in (single line now 30ft vs 50ft), and the second step was finding a more effective bat.

Well, we've found the replacement! Actually, we found 3.

Below are the 3 new regulation bats for JAL. All of them are about equal size and are the most popular wiffleball bats on the market besides the skinny yellow one. These bats are all thicker and more powerful than "old yellow" and should produce way more excitement on the offensive end of the game since defense has gotten so good. The top bat can be found in most target stores, and the other 2 online. The JAL will provide one of each at every event going forward, but everyone is welcome to bring one of their own.

We know everyone wants more offense, so we hope this change makes everyone happy. If you're someone who's sad to see the skinny yellow bat go just wait to til you get your first smack with one of these bad boys. Who knows, maybe this will completely turn the tables and make offense too good...

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