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Nusbaum: Waves will not Pursue 4th Player

West Coast Waves owner/player Anthony Nusbaum says the Waves will not pursue a 4th player to add to the roster for JAL 14, despite $11 in cap space.

The Waves roster currently consists of: Nusbaum (P/B), Austin Elf (B), and Asher VanHoof (F,B)

The position that seems most in need of filling is an ace pitcher, as the only player labeled as a pitcher on the roster in Nusbaum. Many agree that he is a good backup option for a team, but probably not a true #1.

Nusbaum, however, says he is going to be the team's ace. Apparently he has been practicing regularly and "has improved and feels confident." When asked to see new video of him throwing, he declined to let anybody watch.

In his one career start at pitcher in JAL 12 against the underdogs he got the loss.

With tons of cap space the move to not try and pick up another player is head scratching. Even if Nusbaum turns out to be a much better pitcher than before, it's still good to have a backup to throw relief if needed right? Even the best pitchers in the league can't go a whole season on no rest and still be effective...

Just a little over a week ago the Waves were in hot pursuit of free agent Jacob Rahn, who pitches, and Nusbaum even confirmed that the team had made him a $10 / 1-season offer that he was highly considering. Is that offer off the table now? Nobody knows the answers to all this but Nusbaum, but luckily he's set to make a guest appearance on the next episode of The Pitch to talk about it.

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