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Bison Undergo Big Roster Shakeup

The Bison went on tear yesterday with their roster, something the JAL had never really seen from this franchise before. A lot of stuff was discussed and a lot of things were attempted, but here is what has been made official, as announced by team owner James French late last night...

1) Rookie McKinley Franklin has been signed to the team under a high school contract. He is 15 and heading into his sophomore year. He is a brother to the Traver brothers, Tyler and Lane who play for the Bambinos. Co-owner of the Bambinos Brian Whitten has seen McKinley play before and personally endorsed him, saying he's a big hitter and will help the Bison.

2) Mikel Skreen, who has been listed doubtful for JAL 14, has been cut from the team. He was the only ranked player on the Bison at #20 in the league. Skreen has played all 3 of his career seasons with the team.

3) James French, who has played all 4 of his career seasons with the Bison and also owns the franchise, has cut himself from the roster as well.

4) Free agent Jacob Rahn and the Bison are still negotiating a contract deal, but nothing has been signed yet. He is reportedly still in talks with the Fog as well to re-sign.

James French says the decision to cut Mikel and himself is because the team has a lot in the works with potential upcoming signings that, if pulled off, would fill the roster and improve the team. Once the Bison get the rest of this worked out James French intends to get himself back on the roster, as well as Skreen. That is if Skreen, however, doesn't get snatched before then... Doubtful or not for JAL 14, there's probably a good chance another team will try to lock him up for themselves.

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