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Express Show Off New Jerseys, Charcoal Grey Added to Colors

The Missouri Express have added charcoal grey to their team colors and to the smoke stacks on their logos. The version of the logo with white smoke stacks still remain part of the teams official brand, those logos have not been tossed in the trash.

With the change, the team has also just revealed their slick new jerseys that feature their newly added charcoal grey team color. The material for the jerseys will be dri-fit and as you can see, the sleeves will have a camo pattern. The team's primary logo will fill the front of the jersey and their alternate "state" logo will fill the back.

The league's official JAL logo on the uni's has also been modified in charcoal grey to emphasize the theme.

The uniforms are set to be finished next week. Are they the new best ones in the league?

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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