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Fog Sign Rookie Aaron Gehring, and What This Means for Jacob Rahn

The Bay Area Fog have signed rookie Aaron Gehring, who everyone knows is a phenomenal athlete. At 6'6 and very filled out, people have been speculating that he could potentially be an offensive monster with the bat.

It's actually really surprising and kind of amazing that in 13 seasons of JAL no team had signed him yet, but he has now!

Fog pitcher Lucas Myers was reportedly very instrumental in the signing. His only public comment was "We are ready for JAL 14."

When Gehring was asked if he will do any backup pitching behind ace Lucas Myers, he said Myers is a "good pitcher," but that he may do a little throwing for the team.

Of course now with Gehring the team has a full roster and has no room to re-sign Jacob Rahn.

Rahn says that now that the Fog have Gehring he is "waiting to see what happens" with Parker Williamson. This suggests that Rahn may have an inside scoop that the team is considering cutting Williamson, thus opening up a roster spot for him again.

In the meantime, the Bison have confirmed that they are still in talks with Rahn and are confident they will land him before JAL 14.

With Gehring, the Fog have moved up to #5 from #7 in the power rankings.

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