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Will Brock Johnson Forever Be The G.O.A.T.?

First and foremost, today we wish Brock Johnson a very happy 18th birthday.

Brock is regarded as the greatest JAL player in the league's history in his 9 season career from JAL 1-9 he achieved everything that's possible to do, and some. His accolades are listed in the below image.

When the franchise era began in JAL 4 Brock founded the Cobras and was the owner for the team until he gave control over to new management after JAL 8. As a player, Brock played for the team until after JAL 9.

Unfortunately, Brock had to give up playing once the league began using real money because it would violate his armature status as a Division-1 basketball player at Charleston Southern University. However, he hopes to return to the league as a player again someday.

For now, as everyone knows, Brock serves as one of the three commissioners of the league and regularly provides analysis on the video show he hosts, The Pitch, as well as other mediums.

In the game today, Brock is most distinguished player and it's not too close. Some say if he played in the league today he wouldn't be as successful because the collective talent has improved so much since JAL 9.

Up and coming players who are only just begging their careers such as Kyle Godhood, Nate Williamson, and others may be in the early stages of a career like Brock's, but it will take time and consistency.

What do you think, will anyone ever exceed Brock as the G.O.A.T.? Take the poll by clicking here: Take Poll

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