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Hall of Fame for JAL Has Been Created

Why not, right? The JAL is modeled off pro sports in every regard, so establishing a Hall of Fame is really just right in line with everything else.

The league has actually been somewhat secretly putting this together for a while now, it just took some time to nail down what the process would be and such. So, to keep things short, sweet, and simple, here's how the JAL Hall of Fame will work...


Each year around the anniversary of the league (May 18, 2015) the new class of Hall of Famers will be enshrined in.


An individual earns a point by either winning an award, or by winning a championship. For example, if someone was a 3x all-star, 1x MVP and a 4x champion they would have 8 total points.

Automatic Induction

Players: 10 points needed

Management (owners, GM's, ect): 3 points needed

Honorary Induction

In every Hall of Fame class one retired individual who does not meet the requirements for automatic induction can be inducted in by the commissioners of the league.

Team in with

The commissioners of the league decide which team(s) an individual is in with.

Are you now curious to see how many points people currently have toward making the HOF?...

Click here to see the HOF page. You can navigate to it in the future by clicking on the history tab on this website.

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