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Ayoub: I Had a Vision, Brian Whitten Cries When Fog Win JAL 14

Bay Area Fog owner/player Darren Ayoub is one of the biggest characters in the league, everyone knows this. Unfortunately the 3x Fielding Crown winner, 3x All-Star and 1x champion was out last season and unable to bless the league with his presence.

He is however, back for JAL14 and earlier today sat down with Cale Johnson to talk JAL.... Enjoy!

CJ: So the "Golden Foot" is back for the Fog huh?

DA: I still don't like that nickname... but yes, I'm back.

CJ: I understand you've got something you're guaranteeing to happen in 14... What is it?

DA: It's less of a guarantee and more of a vision. I saw the final outcome...

CJ: And...

DA: Lucas (Myers) will be MVP, I win the Fielding Crown and the Fog.... The Fog win the championship.

CJ: Oh really, Is that all?! Surely there must have been more...

DA: There were a few dreams about Jacob (Rahn)...

CJ: We don't need to get into those... But let's talk about Jake. We've still yet to get a nice clean statement from you regarding his free agency status and the Fog's apparent lack of interest to re-sign him.

DA: Jacob is the GM, he made the decision to sign Aaron (Gehring) over himself.

CJ: Will he ever return to the Fog roster? Maybe when the roster limit goes up to 5 players after JAL 14...

DA: He's a former MVP and probably the most distracting person I have ever met.... Of course he will return.

CJ: Why haven't the Fog been good for the last 2 seasons? Since winning the title in JAL 11 the team is 1-5 overall and has had no trips to the playoffs?

DA: The Fog are just going through some growing pains. New players. We've had some issues.

CJ: What do you think of the new Hall of Fame? Will you make it in someday?

DA: I think it's too easy to get in. There's gonna be a lot of scrubs like Ty Johnson and Michael Sullivan in there. I'll definitely make it though.

CJ: But you're not a scrub are you?

DA: (chuckles) Nah.

CJ: So I gotta know, who did the Fog beat in your vision/dream thing?

DA: My vision just had the champagne shower after. Brian Whitten was crying on the side clutching to his plate, so I assume it was the Bambinos.

CJ: They're in the same conference as you, there's no way you could play them in the WWCD Cup....

DA: Oh yeah.. I've been out of the game too long.

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