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Bold Potentials for JAL 14

We're 2 weeks away from JAL 14! Here's a few "bold" potentials on outcomes this season....

underdogs make the playoffs

After the Cobras and Rapids the National conference is pretty sub-par. The #3 spot in the playoffs is up for grabs, so why not the u-dogs? They haven't made it to the postseason since JAL 9 which makes them well over due for an appearance, and they'll be getting Adam Clark back to throw who's a top 15 player.

Bambinos will not make playoffs

Don't be shocked if the B's get sent home early. No Nate Williamson means Cowlitz will be putting backup pitcher Tyler Traver in the circle or rookie Colton Titus. Both could end up having good seasons but in the American Conference sometimes good doesn't get the job done. Another thing that always gets over looked is the fact that Cowlitz is the defending champs and just for that reason they'll get everyone's best effort.

Aaron Gehring wins batting crown

Gehring is by far the biggest, strongest, and probably most athletic player in the league who will have have a lot of batting power. On top of that, all but 1 team in the league has a right handed ace pitcher, and Gehring is a lefty. Don't be shocked to see him crush a lot of balls.

Mafia make deep run

The Mafia have talent and are well rounded. Gaston and Kleine will be tough hitters to deal with. The key will be how well Kleine pitches, being that he hasn't done so since JAL 9. If he can pitch at an all-star level like he did back then, the Mafia could surprise people and end up one of the last teams standing.

Anthony Nusbaum makes National Conference All-Star Team

This isn't out of the realm of possibilities when you really think about it. If the Waves sneak into the playoffs in the bottom seed and Nusbaum has a decent season pitching that would in all likelihood put him right in the thick of the conversation. There are 4 spots on the NC all-star roster and Nusy says he's been practicing his throws every other day this off-season.

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