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K. Godinho Out For JAL 14 & How This Changes Everything

As if there already we're enough of the best players in the league out in JAL 14, Kyle Godinho has now been added to the list. Kyle will miss JAL 14 after finding out yesterday he has to travel to Idaho over the weekend.

Thankfully the league's format change to having the seasons be over multiple months instead of just a one-day meeting begins after JAL 14, so this will be the last any team's season totally goes to trash just because a player can't make it on one day.

That being said, the reality is JAL 14 has to be played before we can get to that new format. Unfortunately, that means the Express are going to have their hands full scrapping for a playoff spot, when yesterday everyone was convinced they we're headed to possibly a 2nd title in 3 seasons.

With Kyle out his little brother and new addition this off-season to the team, Shawn Godinho, will take on the starting pitcher role.

Fortunately for Shawn and the Express this situation is nothing new to him. Just a couple of weeks before JAL 13 when he was on the Rapids, ace pitcher Ty Johnson was told by doctors he wouldn't be able to play because of knee surgery recovery and Shawn had to step up.

In that season Shawn rose to the occasion, and frankly even exceeded expectations. He lead the team to the National Conference Semis and was named an All-Star.

Now on the Express, Shawn will be expected to do it again. And though many are already doubting, Missouri is staying confident in themselves...

"I'm going to go out there and play hard. It's a weird game, anything can happen on any given day," said Shawn.

"I think they (Shawn Godinho and Marcus Deyo) can still take me to the Cup," says Express owner Garrett Blain. "I have faith."

None the less though, Blain acknowledged that the blow is devastating and is currently looking to sign a 4th player (3rd active player) to the roster. The only problem is that the team is out of cap space, which means that player will have to be a HS player.

But even if they don't end up doing it, Kyle is only saying things to keep his teammates spirits high....

"Shawn is a top 5 pitcher, and I think they can hit with any team in the league," he said. "Marcus is a pure hitter. We'll be alright."

All those words sound good, but everyone knows the American Conference has become wide open in JAL 14. Who's going to make it out now is anybodies guess. What's funny is that after all the talk about how to National Conference is weaker has been completely silenced for this season with the Cobras and Rapids now becoming the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the league. The Express have dropped from #1 to #5.

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