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Mason Klingberg Back in League, Signed by Waves

Klingberg began his career in JAL 10-11 with the underdogs under a 2 seasons deal. When it expired, the team neglected to re-sign him and for 2 seasons now nobody has made him an offer.

However, the Waves announced today that Klingberg has been signed to the team under a $16 / 2-season deal. Shortly after, the team made the decision to cut rookie Austin Elf.

"I feel like he has loads of untapped potential," said team owner Anthony Nusbaum. As for Elf, Nusbaum explained that he didn't believe he would be a good long term option and decided to just clear space on the salary cap and roster now rather than later.

Going back to Klingberg, Nusbaum is spot on. Though he's been a bit of a disappointment so far compared to what people originally expected out of him, Mason has all the tools to be an all-star in the league. He's one of the most athletic guys in the game and has a baseball background. His problem before wasn't getting the bat on the ball, it was putting it in play. Now with the bigger bats he could turn into a real good hitter.

In both his previous seasons Klingberg also pitched for the u-dogs. Nusbaum says he will be the starting fielder and a backup arm for the Waves possibly getting some time in the circle, but rookie Austin Gillum will still be the ace.

"I got faith in Pickle (Gillum)," says Klingberg who's excited to be back in the action.

According to rumors, the Express had drawn an interest in acquiring Klingberg after finding out Kyle Godinho would be out for the season. Klingberg knew this and used it to his advantage to get himself a great negotiation.

"I'm a sweet talker," Mason said.

"I didn't want to mess around, I knew he had other offers," Nusbaum added.

The Waves still have a little bit in cap space and 1 roster spot, but they will not pursue it as Nusbaum says he likes the team he has.

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