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Lynx, Bison Add to Rosters as Season Draws Close

Toutle Lynx

Nickolas Proudfit has been signed under a $5 / 1-season deal

After losing star player Jordan Halverson to the Rapids this offseason the Lynx have been left in dismay. Though they still have long time player Stephen Todd they're in dire need of a pitcher. Signing Proudfit did not solve that problem, but he will help them offensively. Proudfit has 1 career season under his belt (JAL 12 with Rapids) and helped them win the National Conference regular season.

Team owner JoLynn McCully says she is optimistic about how well the Lynx will do this season as they are certainly in "rebuild" mode. Once the salary cap goes up to $65 next season though, McCully say the Lynx will be very active and "spend big money."

As for now, Stephen Todd says he will be the team's ace pitcher which could make for a rough go. He has only ever pitched one game in his career and it was not pretty. Proudfit will reportedly be "tested out" at pitcher at some point during the season. Even with the new acquisition of Proudfit the team remains ranked dead last and expectations are at an all time low for the franchise which has never missed the playoffs since joining the league in JAL 9.

Columbia Bison

James French (team owner) has signed himself under a $12 / 1-season contract

Kara Ericksen has been signed under a $2 / 2-season rookie contract

James French cut himself earlier in the offseason because he wanted as much space on the roster to work with as he could to make the team better. In that effort he was able to sign rookie McKinley Franklin, who is believed to be a good hitter.

Lastly, the Bison have added rookie Kara Ericksen, who people around the league know little about. She is expected to strictly bat for the team.

With the Bison roster then full it is no surprise that French signed himself back on to play his 5th career season.

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