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K. Godinho Could Make Savior-Like Return For Express

The Missouri Express have life! Kyle Godinho is no longer listed all the way out, as he announced late last night that he is betting on a return by either late in the regular season or the playoffs.

The JAL 12 MVP will be coming directly from Idaho on Sunday morning, which is a 6 hour drive away.

"He's been practicing and he was pretty bummed about having to be out for this season," says Express owner Garrett Blain who was ecstatic to hear the news. "I don't think last season sat too well with him."

But as memorable and dramatic as a playoff return would be for the league, there's no guarantee that by the time he arrives to save the day the Express will even still be alive. Though backup pitcher Shawn Godinho is a quality arm, the American Conference is incredibly deep and tough.

The Express will likely have to play the Mafia and the Bison without Kyle. He says there's an outside chance he could be active by their final regular season game vs the Bambinos.

"I know we can beat the Bison. Mafia should be a close game without me playing," he said.

A 1-2 record would certainly not get the Express in, but a 2-1 record probably would. If he misses the entire regular season the team will need to find a win to scratch out at least one win vs either the Mafia or Bambinos which will be far from easy.

If they qualify for the postseason though, and Kyle is back it won't matter which seed they come in as --- They would instantly be the favorites once again.

Throughout Sunday's coverage of the season on Twitter the league will be updating the active status of Kyle.

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