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Fog Re-sign Rahn, Cut Parker Williamson on Eve of Season

What started as speculation earlier this offseason.... "When will the Fog re-sign Jacob Rahn?" ... Eventually turned into doubt as the season drew closer and the Fog filled up their roster to capacity.

What made Jacob Rahn's outlook of playing for the team in JAL 14 look especially bleak though is that he's the franchise Genreal Manager and was essentially holding himself off the roster in favor of the four other players.

Today though, just a day before the season, Jacob Rahn and the Fog have cut Parker Williamson and Rahn has been signed to a 1-season minimum deal.

"The Fog is where I belong," he said.

Throughout the offseason he had received a couple different contract offers from both the Bison and the Lynx. Signing with either one of them would have cost him the partial ownership of the Fog he owns and his position as GM.

"I appreciate the other offers, but I'd end up getting cut before the end of the day due to me just being me. No one has our mentality and I wouldn't be a good fit anywhere else," said Rahn.

Jacob is expected to sticky bat for the Fog in JAL 14. In 13 he was a backup pitcher behind Lucas Myers, but now with Aaron Gehring, Rahn is the #3 option. With Darren Ayoub back to play the field Rahn will not have to play there either like he did in 13.

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