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Free Agents Grades and What to Expect

Before looking below Keep in mind that the new CBA is now in effect, each team's salary cap is now $65, and that team's can have up to 5 players on a team and during the season must have a minimum of 3 players. Minimum salary is $3 and rookie max is $10.

Also remember that under the new CBA free agency does not start until 2 weeks after season. On August 28th teams will be able to officially offer contracts and players sign them.

Finally, under the new CBA teams have until August 28th to use the franchise tag on one of their free agents, but keep in mind the tag can only be used once for the whole length of this CBA (3 season). Players with an opt-out option must choose to excessive it by the end of the 2 week period or it passes.

Free Agents

Okay, now to the good stuff! Lot's of good free agents this offseason! It will be exciting to see how everything plays out with rumors floating around that some teams could throw big money at players. Let's take a look at some of the FA's...

Lucas Myers:

Stock value: $17-25 per season

Batting: B

Pitching: B

Expectation: Myers will field offers from a number of teams and take his time with the decision. He is very competitive and will be intrigued if outside teams with star power come calling.

Best guess: Will re-sign with Fog

Tyler Hudson:

Stock value: $12-18 per season

Batting: A-

Pitching: C

Expectation: The Storm know they need Hudson's bat, but Hudson knows it too which means he could work himself out a good deal.

Best guess: Unless someone offers him $25+ he'll stick with the Storm

Adam Clark:

Stock value: $15-28 per season

Batting: B

Pitching: B+

Expectation: The u-dogs will make Adam a worth offer to stay, but he has opening expressed for some time now that he wants to play elsewhere. Word on the street is Clark and the Waves got into talks immediately after the season ended yesterday and have agreed in principle to a deal already, but we'll have to wait til August 28th to know for sure.

Best guess: Clark will sign with Waves most likely, but if not it will still be with a new squad.

Nate Williamson:

Stock value: $25-40 per season

Batting: A

Pitching: A

Expectation: Despite missing JAL 14 Nate is probably still the best player in the league. Declining to sign a new contract before JAL 14 was wise of him. The Bambinos will have their hands full getting him back on the roster, as it's rumored that the champion Express after him already and that he's very interested. Even if the B's lose him to someone else they at least have Colton Titus who will be an MVP candidate in the JAL 15 season.

Best guess: 50-50 chance between the Bambinos and Express

Ty Johnson:

Stock value: $20-30 per season

Batting: B-

Pitching: A-

Expectation: Ty's been with the Rapids for several seasons now, it's hard to image him wearing any other jersey. Because he wasn't happy about being franchise tagged by the team he is sure to fully explore his options. The biggest key will be how much is owner Julie Johnson willing to pay? If it's less than par Ty could leave, but then again they just got Jordan Halverson and made the NC Finals... That's hard to walk away from.

Best guess: Ty will re-sign eventually, but not after making the Rapids sweat it out and taking in serious thought about other teams.

Colby Gaston:

Stock value: $14-23 per season

Batting: B

Fielding: B-

Pitching: C

Expectation: The Mafia and Gaston did everything in their power to get him off the Storm and onto the Mafia last offseason. Just because the Mafia missed the playoffs doesn't mean they won't want to re-sign him.

Best Guess: Will re-sign with Mafia

Other Veteran FA's

*The Entire Wrecking Crew team: Jaden Jantzer, Sean Guthrie, Michael McElroy

Bradley Williamson

Josh Wall

Nicholas Proudfit

Kevin Johnson

Jacob Rahn

Cale Johnson

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