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How JAL 15 is Going to Work

Everyone knows the 1-Day seasons are now a thing of the past, but many people still aren't quite sure what the league has meant by "longer seasons, but still big gathers." Well, now that it's time for us to make that transition here is how it's going to work...


- JAL 15 will have 2 regular season gatherings, and 1 playoff gathering

- Each gathering will be just like it has been (2 fields, every team in attendance)

- Dates are TBD, but tentatively set for... 1st half of regular season on a day over Thanksgiving weekend - 2nd half of regular season on a day the week before Christmas - Playoffs on a day the week after Christmas

- Locations are TBD, but.... We are in search of options that would allow for evening/night gatherings either under the lights or indoors, as it will get darker earlier during the fall/winter. The 1st gathering around Thanksgiving will likely be outdoors and during the day.

Team Schedules

- At both regular season gatherings each team will play 3 games, making for 6 total regular season games

- Team's will play everyone in their conference (5 games) and 1 non-conference opponent (1 game)

- The non conference opponents will from now on be found by matching up against whoever finished equal in the standings order the season before (For example, the Cobras and Fog both took 1st in their conference, so they will be each others non-conference match up). This is similar to what the NFL does.


- Each round will be a best of 3-game series

*We are trying to get the JAL 15 schedule out by the end of September at the very latest. Please contact Cale, Ty, Brock (Johnson) or Tierney Uhlenkott about which specific days will or won't work best for you and we will coordinate the schedule to those requests. If anybody has ideas about locations, or anything else feel free to contact us as well.

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