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u-dogs Have K. Johnson Intrigued with GM Offer

The underdogs are in desperate need of someone with recruiting skills to bring talent to the roster and Cobras free agent Kevin Johnson says he'd like to get a foot back into the management side of things. With that, it's no surprise the two parties are in discussions about Kevin coming to play for the u-dogs and being named the team's General Manager.

Those who've been around the league for a while know that Kevin use to own the Bison from JAL 4-9. During that span the Bison won two titles.

Something that the u-dogs have on their side is that Kevin enjoys a project in need of serous redevelopment. So, the fact that Ubbelohde Hill has missed the playoffs for 5 straight seasons is actually helping in the negotiation.

Team owner Grannie Woodruff says if he were to take the job he would have complete decision making control and that she would use the full $65 cap if necessary.

Kevin says he already has rookies in mind of he would bring in, and veteran free agents he would recruit. As much as it sounds like his mind is already made up though, it's not. He is still very happy with the Cobras, who he has spent the last 3 seasons with and made it to the WWCD Cup twice with.

Cobras owner Drew Delucchi, who is aware of the situation, has made no mention of using the franchise tag on Kevin, and is currently still deciding if he will make him an offer to re-sign with the team on the 28th.

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