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New JAL Feature: Nationally Broadcast Games

The league has decided it will go froward with one of the biggest requests being received.... To air live games publicly.

The whole setup will be loosely based on what the NFL does with their Sunday and Monday Night games. Our broadcast mediums will be Facebook and Twitter, which each allow for live video streaming (and replays afterward).

JAL games on Facebook will treated like Sunday Night Football on NBC: These match ups will be reserved for the best and most prominent games of the season.

JAL games on Twitter will treated like Monday Night Football on ESPN: These match ups will be like the secondary choice between the best games available.

In each of the 2 regular season meetings of JAL 15 there will be 2 Facebook games and 2 Twitter games, making for a total of 4 and 4 in the regular season.

Each team will get at least 1 nationally broadcast game on the season, but naturally teams that draw higher interest than others will get more.

During the playoffs one conference will get to have their entire Semifinals series broadcast and the other conference will get their entire Finals series broadcast. Those will be on Twitter. The WWCD Cup series will be broadcast on Facebook.

The regular season national broadcast lineup will come out alongside the complete JAL 15 schedule itself. This is set to be released in mid-to-late September once free agency begins to wrap up and the league can get a better feel for each team's JAL 15 expectations.

The Express will however, play in the JAL 15 Opening Game as they are the defending champs, vs an opponent TBD. That game, along with the Plate Ceremony before hand, will be broadcast on Facebook.

We hope everyone is happy to hear about the installment of this cool new feature for the league!

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