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What to Expect from Each Team on the 28th

The 28th (this Sunday) marks the end of the 2 week dead period - when teams can begin to make official offers and players can sign them.

In all likely hood there will be a lot to report that day, so here's a look at what each team is expected to do. This information has been gathered through rumors and speculation.

Anaheim Storm are likely/rumored to...

- Make Tyler Hudson an offer to re-sign

- Make Nate Williamson a very large offer

- Make Ty Johnson a very large offer

- Cut Sullivan Carter if any of the above players are signed

Bay Area Fog are likely/rumored to...

- Seek out trades for Lucas Myers

- If they cannot find a favorable trade for Myers they are rumored to be perfectly fine with keeping him. Myers was originally upset about being franchise tagged, but has now reportedly come to terms with it

- Re-sign Jacob Rahn and Darren Ayoub. Both are co-owners of the team though, so don't expect this time happen for a while as they will likely want to worry about the rest of the roster first and then add themselves to it last

- Free agent Nate Williamson will reportedly get a huge offer from the Fog

Castle Rock Rapids are likely/rumored to...

- Make Ty Johnson an offer to re-sign

- If Ty re-signs expect the team to pursue a rookie named Grant McEwen from Toledo

Columbia Bison are likely/rumored to...

- Owner James French will re-sign himself, but like the Fog, probably not til the season gets closer

- In the meantime the Bison will make former team player Mikel Skreen an offer

- Free agent Jacob Rahn will likely be pursued again by the team like last offseason

West Coast Waves are likely/rumored to...

- Make underdogs free agent Adam Clark an offer

- Mason Klingberg has one season left on his deal, but don't be surprised if the Waves make him a long-term extension offer

Northwest Mafia are likely/rumored to...

- Make Colby Gaston an offer to re-sign

- Taite Kleine (owner) will probably sign himself right away unlike the other owner/players in the league who will probably wait

San Francisco Cobras are likely/rumored to...

- Maybe try to re-sign Kevin Johnson, but it's looking more and more like they won't. Team owner Drew Delucchi says "sadly they may not"

- There's a good chance they will offer all-star pitcher Michael Sullivan an extension, since he only has 1 season left on his current deal. Doing so will also help Delucchi get a better feel for if Sullivan truly wants to leave for the Express or not as he is rumored to be thinking about

- Cale Johnson will get an offer to re-sign

Toutle Lynx are likely/rumored to...

- Be aggressive in free agency by simply throwing a lot of money around. Their current roster isn't attractive enough to recruit any other way

- Expect the Lynx to literally send out offers to almost every free agent. Depending on who responds back interested is where owner JoLynn McCully will go from there

- If their plan fails Nick Proudfit could get an offer to re-sign, if at that point he hasn't already been snatched up by someone else

Ubbelohde Hill underdogs are likely/rumored to...

- It's confirmed from Grannie Woodruff the u-dogs will make Kevin Johnson an offer to be the GM. If he takes it the rest of the offseason in free agency for them is hard to predict

- If he declines the offer the u-dogs may have to fall back on re-signing Josh Wall, who showed improvement last season. Without Kevin the u-dogs would probably resort to the Lynx method of throwing money around and hoping for the best.

- The team has stated they will not use the franchise tag on Adam Clark, who openly says he will be signing elsewhere

Washougal Wrecking Crew are likely/rumored to...

- Before Sunday there's a good chance the Crew might use the franchise tag on pitcher Sean Guthrie. If not, re-sgning him will be their top priority and they'll make him an offer on the 28th

- McElroy, and Jantzer will have offers on the table as well and Deister will likely re-sign himself right away

- Now that there is a 5th roster spot for every team the Crew have also asked for the contact information of Nate Williamson and Kyle Godinho (who has an opt-out option). Those are long shots but don't be surprised if wild offers are put out for them

Cowlitz Bambinos are likely/rumored to...

- Make Nate Williamson a big offer

- If Williamson is signed they may cut Vanderwerf and pursue a new rookie with what would be their 5th roster spot

Missouri Express are likely/rumored to...

- Make Kyle Godinho an enormous extension offer

- Make Brad Williamson an offer to re-sign

- Make Nate Williason an offer

- Shawn Godinho and Marcus Deyo could receive extension offers as well if neither Williamson boy is acquired, but likely at least one of them will be

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