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Bambinos Battling with Express to Keep Nate Williamson

The last time Nate Williamson was on the JAL field he was raising the WWCD Cup and being crowned league MVP, all in a Bambinos uniform. That was JAL 13, the season before last, and a lot has changed.

Now the word "mega-team" is starting to get tossed around...

If Nate were to leave the Bambinos for the Express (which is starting to sound like more and more of real possibly) then that would certainly be an appropriate way to describe to describe them.

Several teams have been confirmed or rumored to trying to get a piece of the action, but multiple sources are claiming today that his looming free agency decision now excludes everyone but the Bambinos and Express.

For now the Bambinos are probably still considered the favorite to win this tug-of-war, but it's reportedly starting to swing the other way. Earlier today Cowlitz co-owner Brian Whitten even went as far as to say the team will be alright if he switches sides of the rivalry, when asked about how negotiations are going.

Those words don't mean it's over, but the statement is lacking much more confidence in the situation than it has previously and even sounds a little coincided.

As for the Express, owner Garrett Blain boastfully says he's feeling good about it, but did not wish to say anything further.

Neither team wished to share the details of the offer that they will be putting on the table for Williamson this Sunday when free agency opens up, but both say they've been in contact with him.

The good news for each team is that even if they don't win him, they'll no doubt still be picked to go deep in JAL 15.

The Bambinos discovered a potential future MVP pitcher in Colton Titus last season and the Express are the defending champs behind Kyle Godinho. They both have star players that can get the job done. Now it's just about who gets to have the bonus star power, or perhaps more importantly, who doesn't.

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