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Bambinos Cut Lane Traver

For a second time in his career, Lane Traver has been released by the Bambinos.

The contract he was under had 4 seasons remaining for $20, one more season of which contained $5 of guaranteed money that the team will now have to pay him for nothing in return.

Lane is now a free agent and under CBA rules the Bambinos cannot sign him again until after next season.

"We need to make some room (on the roster)," said Cowlitz co-owner Brian Whitten. "Let's just say the Bambinos have some big news coming."

That big news is anyone's guess until tomorrow when free agency begins. Unfortunately for Lane, he won't be a part of whatever's in store for the team next.

"I saw it coming," said Lane. "Brian's a winning manager. No biggy"

His whole career so far has been played beside star players such as Nate Williamson, Tyler Traver and Colton TItus. Many people have been saying since he entered the league that on another team, where his is given a "key guy" role, he could really break out. Lane says he's now interested in that opportunity after 2 stints with the B's.

Perhaps this will actually turn out to be a good thing for him.

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