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Adam Clark Signs with Waves - Klingberg Signs Extension

The West Coast Waves future is set!

Free agent Adam Clark has at long last got himself away from the underdogs and onto another team. He has just signed a deal with the Waves for $30/3-seasons.

Breakout all-star Mason Klingberg had 1 season left on his contract with the team, but has just signed an extension with the team. His deal is for the same amount of $30/3-seasons.

The Waves roster is now: Klingberg, Clark, Nusbaum, and Gillum. Their current payroll is $23, giving them $42 in cap space still to potentially fill their 5th roster spot with.

With Klingberg and Clark locked up on long-term deals and the team coming off a playoff season, the Waves are certainly a team to look out for going forward in the JAL.

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