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Nate Williamson Signs $100 Deal with Bambinos

It's finally over. The whole league has been waiting since the end of JAL 13 in June, and now the decision have been made.

Free agent Nate Williamson has elected to re-sign with the Bambinos for $100/5-seasons. All money through the first 4-seasons is guaranteed and Nate will have an opt-out option after the 3rd.

For weeks Williamson has been heavily pursued by several teams. Most notably it was the Missouri Express who had Nate's attention, but ultimately he decided not to walk away from the team he has been with for the first two seasons of his career.

With JAL 13 MVP Nate back for the Bambinos and emerging star Colton Titus entering into his sophomore season the B's will no doubt remain one of the best, if not THE best team in the JAL.

The question now is who will be the team's ace pitcher between those two?... And once that's decided, how much time in the circle will the #2 get?

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