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Mafia, Waves Announce More Signings

Northwest Mafia

Colby Gaston has been re-signed for $30/10-seasons. Gaston has also been given 49% ownership of the team.

Gaston is primarily a fielder and good hitter, but in JAL 14 got some action as a backup pitcher and proved to be a decent #2 option.

The re-signing has been expected all along.

West Coast Waves

Lane Traver has been signed for $18/3-seasons. He is set to be the teams #2 pitcher behind Adam Clark.

After being cut by the Bambinos just a couple days ago, the Waves jumped on the chance to sign a good backup pitcher and decent bat.

Having good backup pitching will become a much bigger deal in the new "extended season" format and the Waves now have their man. Team owner Anthony Nusbaum can now take himself completely out of the throwing rotation.

In addition to his new salary with the Waves, Lane will also be getting paid the $5 guaranteed money from the Bambinos in JAL 15.

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