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Lynx Sign Rookies to Build Around

JAL 14 was suppose to be the beginning of a rebuilding cycle for Toutle after losing Jordan Halverson to the Rapids. But in the last off-season the Lynx weren't able to find the new pieces they really wanted to mold around. As a result they just sort of made sure they had enough players to weather the storm with for one season and then try again to find some building blocks this off-season.

Well, they've done it.

Toutle has signed 2 rookies, Matthew Morton and Anthony Heintzman each to $20/2-season rookie max deals.

Both players have baseball backgrounds, particularly at the pitching position, and are from Toutle. Morton is 19 and Heintzman is 23.

At this time it is unknown if both players will pitch for the team, or what other role they may fill, but they will both at least bat.

The acquisitions are credited to not only team owner JoLynn McCully, but also to the Lynx new GM, Erika Halverson.

The team was hoping to have had rookie Troy Flanagan added to this new mix too, but just a short time earlier he decided to take the Rapids offer instead.

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