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Cobras Re-sign Cale Johnson: $90/3-Seasons

Cale Johnson and the Cobras have agreed to a $90/3-season deal within which Cale also has an opt-out option and the team is not allowed to trade him.

He has had no true intention of leaving the franchise, but was waiting to negotiate with team owner Drew Delucchi until seeing whether or not Sullivan would sign an extension. Had he done so Cale says he would have accepted a deal from the Cobras of much less than $30 per season.

2 other teams in the league also had hard offers on the table, one from the Waves and the other from the underdogs. The underdogs offer was most intriguing at $45 per season (negotiable length) and GM power.

Cale has played his entire career (of the franchise era) with the Cobras - 11 seasons.

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