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Hudson Re-Signs With Storm For 1 Season

A $25/1-season deal is what Tyler Hudson has signed in agreement to stay with the Storm. Earlier today it was reported that Hudson was seriously considering an offer from another team, who he wanted to keep unknown to the public. That team was the Cobras, who were offering $60/3-seasons.

"I'm going to give Koop (Kyle Koopman, Storm owner) one more season," says Hudson. "After next season if we don't progress I will be hitting free agency hard."

In Hudson's rookie season (JAL 13) the Storm made it to the WWCD, but last season failed to make to playoffs. With him now back under contract the roster is almost exactly the same as last season.

The team has 2 roster spots and $37 in cap space to work with right now. Based on Hudson's threatening comments it's probable the Storm will use all of it to their advantage and continue to be aggressive. At the begging of the offseason the Storm tried hard to get Ty Johnson, but he ultimately signed with he Rapids.

Hudson was maybe the best veteran player still on market, but others like Sean Guthrie, Nick Proudfit and Mikel Skreen are still available.

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