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Tyler Hudson Entertaining Offer From Outside Team

Free agency is beginning to wind down, as most all the headlining names that were on the market have made there decisions. Hudson however, is one of the last all-star level players still out there.

For the first 2 seasons of his career he has played for the Anaheim Storm. In JAL 13 he was named an all-star and lead them to the WWCD. In JAL 14 the team regressed tremendously and missed the playoffs.

Hudson isn't upset with he franchise and likes being a member of the team, but is currently listening closely to a pitch from another team, who he wished to remain anonymous. That team's contract offer was asked to remain private by him as well.

It is unknown if Hudson has received an offer to re-sign from the Storm, but sources have confirmed that team owner Kyle Koopman "definitely wants him to stay."

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