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Wrecking Crew Contract News/Drama

Washougal has announced the re-signings of Michael McElroy ($6/2-seasons) and Aaron Deister ($3/1-season) to minimum deals, and Jaden Jantzer to $7/2-seasons.

Their star player Sean Guthrie, however, has still yet to be re-signed by the team.... And negotiations between the sides are getting sticky.

According to team owner Aaron Deister, Guthrie is seeking "a very large amount of the remaining cap space," which currently is about $55.

Deister also added that "contract talks have fallen through a couple of times," since free agency opened up.

It is confirmed through Guthrie that the Storm and the Cobras have been in talks with him as well. Yesterday the underdogs tried to get in the action with a $40 per season offer (of negotiable length) and GM power, but Guthrie declined to pursue them as an option.

Without Guthrie the Wrecking Crew would be crushed at the pitcher position and likely sink as a playoff team in the American Conference. It's possible that Guthrie's knowledge of his value to the team is what's motivating him to demand a lucrative deal from them. If Washougal refuses to bow to his wishes, Guthrie could be wearing a different uniform in JAL 15.

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