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New Power Rankings

Below is the first slate of new Power Rankings since the end of JAL 15.

A few notables include...

- Wrecking Crew #9 after taking 2nd in the American Confernce last season? Right now yes, because they are still currently trying to re-sign their best player, Sean Guthrie. Without him the Crew better get comfortable down that far on the ladder.

- Why aren't the Express #1? Of course the defending champs deserve a lot of respect, but have you seen the Bambinos roster? Nate Williamson, Colton Titus and Tyler Traver spell death to anyone facing them. Also, don't forget the B's took down the Express in their only meeting with them last season and are 3-1 vs them all-time.

- Rapids over Cobras? Given that the Cobras have defeated the Rapids in the playoffs to advance further for 3 straight seasons now this is a little surprising on the outside, but something important changed this offseason.... Kevin Johnson, who's been a key component to the Cobras, is now on the Rapids.

- Why Lynx over u-dogs? Both are rebuilding with rookies? This was one of the closest decisions because with rookies it's so hard to predict. The Lynx rookies have more recently wrapped up their HS playing days and are a bit more athletic. Both team's also have returning fielders, each of whom are quality players at the position, but you've got to give the Lynx the nod there too (Lynx: Stephen Todd, underdogs: Macee Utecht).

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