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Guthrie & Washougal Finally Work Out Big Contract

After several weeks of playing hardball with each other, Wrecking Crew management and Sean Guthrie have agreed to a $30/1-season deal to re-sign. Guthrie was arguably the last all-star level veteran free agent to sign.

Reasoning for it taking so long to reach an agreement was that Guthrie was reportedly demanding to get a big payday, knowing that without him the team would struggle. In addition, he was receiving and considering offered from other teams. On the other side, Washougal's management has come to terms with the fact that more talent is needed on the roster to win a title, and cap space would be needed to make that happen.

In the end both sides seemingly got their way, as $30 per season is now tied for the largest single-season salary in the JAL, and the Wrecking Crew still have $25.50 in cap space.

With that money the team is targeting a prospective player from Longview named Scott Coleman, who at 45 is rumored to be a great wiffleball pitcher. The Wrecking Crew say they are holding a practice with Coleman to evaluate his skills this Tuesday and if they like what they see they will offer him a rookie max contract.

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