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Storm Address Pitching Struggles with Rookie Signing

The Anaheim Storm's weakness has always been on the defensive side of the game. As good of a batter as Tyler Hudson is, the reality is that he isn't good enough to take them all the way to the promise land as the team's ace pitcher. He would however, be a great option to have as the backup, and hopefully now the Storm can move him to that role of defense.

Anaheim has announced that rookie player Colby Mazza has been signed to the team under a max rookie deal. Mazza finished high school at Kalama last spring and was a "pretty good pitcher there," according to franchise owner Kyle Koopman.

Koopman says Mazza will defiantly pitch for the team, but he's not ready to go right ahead and name him the team's new ace just yet. As of right now Hudson and Mazza are pinned to be dual-aces, but the obvious hope from the team is that Mazza can develop into the team's primary starter quickly.

Mazza will also bat for the Storm.

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