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JAL 15 Opening Game: Express vs Fog

After Missouri is honored in the Championship Plate Ceremony, JAL 15 will kick-off with Express vs Fog in the Opening Game.

Express vs Fog will be a rematch of the JAL 14 American Conference Finals, in which the Express won 6-0. Prior to that the Fog won the American Conference regular season.

The complete JAL 15 schedule with match-ups, dates, times and locations comes out tomorrow!

Since the league started making the Opening Game an annual season tradition back in JAL 9 the defending champs (who always get to play in it) surprisingly have a losing record of 1-5. They have also lost in the game for 4 straight seasons.

Here are the past results of the Opening Game, with the defending champs italicized and on top....

JAL 14

Bambinos 0

Wrecking Crew 9

JAL 13

Express 0

Bambinos 2 (8 innings)

JAL 12

Fog 5

Lynx 9

JAL 11

Rapids 4

Fog 6

JAL 10

Lynx 5

Rapids 0


Cobras 1

Bison 2

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