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A Closer Look at the National Broadcast Games

First and foremost the JAL would like to thank everyone who's a part of this league for growing it to the point where having "special broadcasted games" is now a reality. This new feature will be very cool as it will allow our outside fans and participants to see the action with their own eyes and for people to go back and watch highlights or whatever they else with the footage.

(To see the JAL 15 master schedule: Click here)

As you've probably noticed, or heard the league mention before, the games streamed on Facebook are reserved for basically the "best of the best matchups" of the the season. The games streamed on Twitter are one's second to that and to make sure that every team gets at least 1 national broadcast game. Obviously the better and more attention grabbing teams will be aired more.

Let's take a look at the games that literally anyone anywhere will be able to see LIVE or replayed....

Missouri vs Bay Area

In addition to the game itself, the Express's Championship Plate Ceremony before hand will also be aired LIVE. Honestly though, what a great way to start the season. The Fog are many people's favorite team because of their off the field entertainment, but they're also just a good squad. The last season ended for them in the AC Finals against the Express and now they'll get the chance for revenge. The Express will be the favored to win this game, but oddly enough the defending champs have lost in the Opening Game 4 straight seasons now.

Columbia vs Anaheim

Don't go getting to excited about this one now!.... We know you're not too much, and that's why it's on Twitter. Here's the good news about this game though, both teams will only have one game under their belt going into it which means they'll both still be in the thick of the playoff race, even if by game 5 and 6 they're maybe not anymore.

West Coast vs Ubbelohde Hill

The Waves had a great offseason in free agency and are turning into a trendy pick to make it to the WWCD Cup out of the National Conference. On the other side you've got the underdogs, a classic franchise that just can't get over the hump, but has been totally rebuild with rookies and a new general manager to try and get there.

Washougal vs Toutle

The last game broadcast in the 1st half of the regular season "session" on November 12 will feature the Wrecking Crew who are coming off an impressive season and the Lynx. The Lynx may be inexperienced, but by this game (which will be their 3rd of the season) will have that under their belt and be feeling comfortable.... Who knows, maybe they'll even have a win coming into it which will make this game even that much better.

San Francisco vs Castle Rock

December 23rd under the lights at Christmas time is gonna be fun and this as the first game of the "2nd session" of the regular season is a perfect way to start it. We all know the Cobras rivals will always be the Bison, but at thus point in time it's the Rapids and it's really not a debate anymore. For the last three seasons these two have gone back and forth as the kings of the National Conference. This game could determine who will go into the playoffs as the #1 seed in the NC once again.

Northwest vs Cowlitz

Unfortunately we have to wait til game 4 of the Bambinos season to finally show nationally the #1 ranked team in action, but it will be worth it. At this point int he season the Mafia will probably be fighting hard for a playoff spot in the loaded American Conference and the B's could (and probably should) be undefeated going in.

Cowlitz vs Missouri

There's no doubt about it... This game is the best the JAL has to offer, and that's why it's the final game of the regular season for both teams and on Facebook. Get ready for a low scoring, pitching duel affair that will be awesome as it always has been before between these two rivals. There's a good chance both teams will be undefeated going in and the winner will take the American Conference #1 seed.

Bay Area vs Washougal

After the game above, this one will be a good way to cool down before the playoffs begin. Both the Fog and Wrecking Crew made the playoffs a season ago, but that doesn't mean they're locks to do it again this time. Will this game be for playoff seeding? Will winner make the postseason and loser be out? Who knows, each team will have played 5 games before it, so it's way to hard to say right now. All we know is they're pretty evenly matched and it should be a good one.


- The National Conference Semifinals 3-game series will be broadcast on Twitter

- The American Conference Finals 3-game series will be broadcast on Twitter

- The WWCD Cup 3-game series will be broadcast on Facebook

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