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3 Veteran Players Likely to Return to All-Star Levels This Season

Shawn Godinho

Shawn Godinho spent the first 2 seasons of his career playing in the shadow of Ty Johnson on the Rapids. In his 3rd season he was forced to become the team's ace pitcher after Ty suffered an injury. In that season Shawn asserted himself as a premier player in the league, leading the hobbled Rapids to the postseason and being named an all-star for the 1st time.

Following that season Shawn ended up on the Express, and basically reverted to his former role: Play efficient on offense and solid in the field. Doing so he helped lead the Express to a title, but next season they'll need him to do more.

With the longer season format and 3-game series in the playoffs, having good relief pitching will be a premium. Shawn is one of the best backup pitchers in the league and would be the ace for a handful of other teams. In JAL 15 he will toss the ball for the Express a good amount and consequently remind everyone why he is a top tier player.

Taite Kleine

Kleine has been in the league since it's inaugural season, but it's no secret that since his all-star season in JAL 12 he's been regressing. JAL 13 was Kleine's worst season of his career and JAL 14 was a bit better but not enough to get the Mafia into the playoffs and Kleine back into the "elite" category.

In JAL 15 that will be different. Kleine is a streaky player, with the bat and at pitcher - but with double the amount of regular season games now than before he'll have a better chance to overcome any slumps before it's too late.

When Kleine is hitting well he's a good player. When he's pitching well he's a great player. The best thing for him in JAL 15 is that the odds he pitches well are elevated because it will be a "cold weather season" lasting from early November to late December and we all know that means hitting will be a little more difficult than in the summertime sunshine.

Tyler Traver

Unlike the first two above, Tyler Traver isn't coming off a "down season." Instead he's coming off of an inactive season, which naturally has made a lot of people just simply forget how good he is. Tyler Traver has nothing HE needs to "return to" in JAL 15, when the last we saw of him (JAL 13) he was raising the cup and winning the Batting Crown. It's actually the rest of US that just need to get back into our heads that this guy is a ball player.

After JAL 13 Traver was the #7 ranked player in the game, but then after missing JAL 14 he dropped to #12, perhaps unfairly. Unless something drastic occurs be prepared to see him have a stellar season for the Bambinos.

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