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Wrecking Crew May Have Just Landed Next Big Star of League

Washougal has just signed Scott Coleman to a max rookie deal. The team believes they may have just acquired an instant all-star in the JAL, and they've submitted a video to prove it.

The video was taken 2 days ago when franchise owner Aaron Deister says the team put him through a private workout to fully evaluate him before offering a contact. As you can see in the clip, Coleman throws a variety of pitches, all of which are mostly "junk balls" with lots of movement. Impressively though, he places them in the zone.

It's important to keep in mind that the team still has pitcher Sean Guthrie, who they recently re-signed to a large $30/1-season deal.

"We don't have a designated ace, they will split time at this point," says Deister. "We like Sean's fastball a lot, but Scott's other pitches are very nice."

Coleman is from Longview, is 44 years old, and has loads of wiffleball playing experience. Deister said the team discovered him by simply "google searching" for potentially good players in the region and stumbled onto him by finding an old wiffleball league that he played in and had great stats in. It turns out that league is the same one current JAL stars Kyle Godinho, Brad Williamson, and Marcus Deyo played in as well several years ago.

Kyle Godinho in particular says he pitched a hand full of times back then against Coleman and endorses his skill set. Godinho admits Coleman could be pretty good in JAL.

The Wrecking Crew have moved up to #6 in the power ranking, bumping the Fog down to #7. Washougal now has a full 5-man roster.

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