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Mafia Add 2 "Coaches" to Team

How much does having a coach on a JAL team matter? We all know the answer to that one... Not too much. So far all they've ever really done to help their team is heckle players on the opposing side during games. To their credit though, some are relatively effective at it.

But in all seriousness, the JAL loves having "coaches" on teams, even if it's really just a title for someone to have that shows they're part of the club.

Yesterday the Mafia owners announced on The Pitch that they have added 2 new coaches to the team. The first is head coach Austin Smith, who the Mafia say goes by "Butter Maker" for unknown reasons (pictured left). The second is batting coach Cody Sicklovan (pictured right). Both are friends of the Mafia owners/players Taite Kleine and Colby Gaston.

Around the league other teams that currently have people titled as a coach are the Wrecking Crew (Justice Rosales) and the Bambinos (Hannah Whitten).

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