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Super-rookie? Mafia Find & Sign Attention Grabbing Player

In the last week 2 teams in the JAL have each signed a new rookie player that they discovered by searching through the rosters of an old wiffleball league in the region called the CCWA. Last night another team, the Northwest Mafia, added to the trend by signing rookie Josh Burckhardt (39 years old and from Wilsonville, Oregon).

Burckhardt may be the best of the 3 new rookie players from the CCWA. In fact, once the JAL 15 season starts he may be one of the best players in the entire league. Why? Because several years ago he may have been literately THE BEST in the CCWA.

By clicking right here you can see a "records" page from that league, on which you can see Burckhardt's name everywhere. Right away it's obvious that his best skill on the field was batting, but it looks as though he was also an effective pitcher and fielder. Mafia co-owner Taite Kleine says Burckhardt will play all 3 positions for them, but it has not been decided if he will be the ace pitcher or starting fielder, or neither yet.

Having not played wifflebal competitively since 2011 Burckhardt says he'll be doing some practice before the season starts on November 12th.

"I'm a competitor. I'll be ready for anything," Burckhardt said. "(I'm) just excited to get back out and play. See if I can regain top form and look to battle some of the guys I used to play with (in the CCWA), especially Kyle Godinho."

According to him, he and Kyle had numerous hard fought clashes back then.

Burckhardt's deal with the Mafia is a $10/2-season deal. The signing moved Northwest up to #7 in the power rankings.

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