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Heading From First to Worst?

Take a look around the JAL this offseason. Managements everywhere have their recruiting hats on and in inside-out rally cap fashion. Everyone's trying to get better and has been cutting deals, whether it be with free agent veterans or rookies. In every instance too, the team has expressed confidence in their new signing, or signings.

Now let's take a look at what the Fog have done in that regard...

Literally nothing.

Besides the Bison, the Fog are the only team in the league that has yet to add a new player to their roster. So far the only thing team owners Darren Ayoub and Jacob Rahn have accomplished is place the franchise tag on Lucas Myers after he publicly said he would not re-sign with the team. How they were able to successfully make their star player that disgruntled in the first place is amazing considering that they won the American Conference regular season in JAL 14, but anyway, as you can imagine the tagging didn't go over well with Myers.

Other than him, the Fog have only Aaron Gehring on the roster also, who was considered a bust after his rookie outing last season. About a week ago Ayoub said the team would eventually re-sign Rahn and himself, but that has yet to happen.

So let's summarize... Bay Area has their star player mad at them, has 1 other player who is average and for the last 7 weeks has been about as aggressive in the market as a lion hunting a salad.

Perhaps it's because the Fog took 1st in the American Conference last season and made it to the AC Finals. The thought that this roster can do that again is a respectable excuse for their lack of action, but nobody right now is picking it to happen. Most in fact, are expecting a season in which the Fog take a step backward, maybe a giant one.

But we've seen this before from them. After winning JAL 11 the Fog had back-to-back losing seasons before JAL 14's success. In the American Conference nothing comes easy and Bay Area could be in for a rough ride. If Ayoub ends up signing himself he'll be useless for a while as he is the only confirmed player to be out for the 1st 3 games on Nov. 12th and is questionable for Dec. 23rd.

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