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Bison Sign "Little Titus" & French Re-Signs Self

Colton Titus is already a certified star in the JAL after just one season, so it's no surprise that his younger brother, Erik Titus is now being scooped up by a team.

Erik Titus is only a sophomore in HS and 15 years old, so his newly signed contract with the Bison will contain no salary and will not expire until his graduation in 2019. Obviously the risk/reward situation here is off the charts. If Erik can become anything like his brother the Bison, who we all know have been desperate for a while, will have a star locked up for quite a while. If he doesn't perform that well than it really can't hurt the team anymore than they've been suffering for the last 3 seasons (winless in all 3).

Though Titus is a rookie he has seen the JAL first hand before, having come to JAL 14 to watch Colton play. On the signing he says he is very excited to get his shot in the game and hopes he can help the Bison succeed.

Also today James French (owner of team) signed himself to the roster under a minimum 1 season deal. French says contemplated cutting Kara Ericksen from the team as well while making these roster moves today, but didn't go through with it.

On if Titus will be the team's ace pitcher right away in the upcoming season French says the depth chart order at that position has not been determined yet between: Titus, French, Ty Franklin and McKinley Franklin.

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