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Brian & Hunter Whitten Agree to 60-40 Tilt in Ownership

The Bambinos Father-son ownership combo of Brian and Hunter Whitten have agreed to shift their ownership percentages from 50-50 to 60-40 in favor of Brian.

When Cowlitz was originally incorporated into the league prior to JAL 12 it was Hunter who called most of the shots. But, because he is Germany (in the army) the responsibilities have slowly shifted more toward Brian through time. With both sides aware that Brian now does most of the roster and contract dealings with players as well as is the team's primary spokesman for the media, they decided he should be awarded the majority of control.

In the rules, the benefit of no longer having equally shared control are simply that the majority owner gets final decision making power, whereas in a equal owning situation all the majority sharing parties must be in agreement of a decision.

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