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WWCD Cup Trophy to be Retired & Replaced After JAL 15

The current WWCD Cup trophy is the treasure of the JAL, but its days are now numbered. Following the upcoming season it will become know as simply "the original WWCD Cup trophy" as the league is announcing today that a much bigger and shinier new cup will replace it.

For those who have never raised what will become the original cup, JAL 15 is now the last chance ever. Is it a nice trophy? Sure. Is it a grand spectacle? No. Will it always be special? Absolutely.

After a team wins the title their names have been engraved on the wood base. Down there only one spot remains for the JAL 15 champions before no space is left. On the new trophy the league will no longer engrave the team names at the bottom.

Right now administration is looking into different makes and models for the new cup. Like the original, it will for sure be the color gold and obviously still a cup shape. A more rounded out "bowl" type of structure might end up being the leagues selection though. Above all else, the new cup will be huge.... As in at least 2-3 times bigger.

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