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Bison Make More Roster Moves

After just 1 season the Bison are parting ways with Kara Ericksen by cutting her from the team. In place of her team owner James French III has signed his father, James French II, to the team under a max rookie deal.

French II is 52 years old, will bat for the team and also possibly do some pitching. French III says his father will compete for the Ace role with rookie Erik Titus and returning player McKinley Franklin as well as himself. French III also added that Ty Franklin will no longer be a part of the pitching rotation and will now only be the team's starting fielder and bat the lineup. Ty Franklin had thrown at least on inning for the Bison in 4/5 of his career seasons with the team.

Despite the signing and cutting Columbia still remains ranked #12 (last) in the power rankings.

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