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Nov. 12th Commentator Lineup for National Games

We all know what the 4 nationally broadcast games on Nov. 12th are, but now we also know who's going to commentate them!

The reoccurring game broadcasters will be the Johnson brothers and Tierney Uhlenkott, who of course are the hosts of the JAL's popular video show "The Pitch." Like on the show, every game will have a different combination of the 4-person crew. Depending on the game they will also rotate who narrates the play-by-play and who provides the color commentary.

On occasion the JAL is also allowing "guest-casters" to join the broadcast crew and call the game alongside the regulars. Anyone involved in the league is welcome to ask about doing so. For the games on Nov. 12th Aaron Deister of the Wrecking Crew and Jordan Halverson of the Rapids are slated to be on 2/4 of the national games.

The commentator lineup for the additional 4 national games on Dec. 23rd and for the playoffs series on Dec. 30 are TBD. Brock Johnson will also be back for the Dec. 23rd games and get behind the camera.

Below is a look at the announcing crews for the 4 national games on Nov. 12th.....

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