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Teams With Multiple Pitchers Reveal Rotation Plans for Games on 12th

We're in the midst of a "strategic shift" in the league right now. With longer seasons and more games teams have begun to invest in pitching depth. Some have done it in different ways than others, such as having dual aces, or one really good ace and multiple relievers, or etc. More options at pitcher means more pre-game planning, and more mid-game decision making. It's going to be fun watching how everyone handles their own situations this season, and we've now got our first glimpse of most teams pre-game plans for their 3 games on Nov. 12. Take a look below.

Washougal Wrecking crew

Dual Aces: Sean Guthrie, Scott Coleman

1. vs Bambinos

2. vs Rapids

3. vs Lynx

"The plan is to start Guthrie game one and Coleman game two." - Aaron Deister (team owner/player)

*No answer for 3rd game vs Lynx

Missouri Express

Ace: Kyle Godinho, #2: Eric Keele, #3: Shawn Godinho

1. vs Fog

2. vs Waves

3. vs Mafia

"I'll probably pitch game one and Keele will pitch vs Waves. Seeing how our arms feel we might split the last game." - Kyle Godinho (team GM/player)

West Coast Waves

Ace: Adam Clark, #2: Keith Bunn, #3: Lane Traver, #4: Anthony Nusbaum

1. vs Cobras

2. vs Express

3. vs underdogs

When asked what the plan is, team owner/player Anthony Nusbaum says Adam Clark is slated to pitch all three games unless he sees a reason to switch. He added that Clark "did just fine (throwing 3 straight full games) before when he was on the underdogs." If he does decide to bring in a reliever or different starter for one of the games Nusbaum said "It just depends on the situation. I have the luxury of having four pitchers on my roster," adding that they can be worked in slowly.

Castle Rock Rapids

Ace: Ty Johnson, #2: Jordan Halverson

1. vs Storm

2. vs Wrecking Crew

3. vs Bison

"Jordan will probably pitch against the Bison, but we will just see how it goes." - Ty Johnson

San Francisco Cobras

Ace: Michael Sullivan, #2: Conner Vermilyea, #3: Cale Johnson

1. vs Waves

2. vs underdogs

3. vs Fog

The Cobras have given Michael Sullivan decision making power as the ace arm to manage the rotation. After discussions with the team it has been decided Sullivan will throw a complete game vs Waves and Vermilyea will start game 2 vs the underdogs. Sullivan is planned to come in and close out game 2 probably mid or late in the game if it's relatively close. The Cobras first 2 games are back-to-backs, which is why Sullivan has decided to close game 2 instead of start it. The game 3 plan will depend on how the first 2 go.

Cowlitz Bambinos

Dual Aces: Nate Williamson, Colton Titus, #3: Tyler Traver

1. vs Wrecking Crew

2. vs Lynx

3. vs Storm

The game 1 starter will be a "game time decision" according to team owner Brian Whitten. He says he will select the starter between his 2 aces after evaluating how each one looks in pre-game warm ups. On their other 2 games Whitten said only that "We will be at full strength with no holes to fill." For their first game against Washougal Whitten replied "it won't matter" when told Guthrie will start on the other side against them.

Teams with multiple pitchers that chose not to answer about their rotation plans

Anaheim Storm

Columbia Bison

Northwest Mafia

Teams expected to pitch only 1 pitcher all three games on Nov. 12

Bay Area Fog: Lucas Myers

Ubbelohde Hill underdogs: Ryan Fish

Toutle Lynx: Matthew Morton

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