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Early Forecast for Saturday: Don't be Overly Concerned About Rain

Yes, the weather icon for JAL 15 opening games this Saturday is probably showing rain and a grey cloud on your phone, but don't let it worry you.

The games start at noon and are expected to last for a couple hours. During that time frame rainfall is actually suppose to be at its low point for the day, if at all. Around 3 o'clock the showers are expected to start rolling in though, so some of the days later games could potentially get hit with some water.

For anyone new to the league, or who might be wondering, the JAL is not weather determent. Games go on no matter the conditions, and believe us it's been much...much worse before (JAL 9 sideways rain, JAL 11 snow storm).

7th Avenue Park in Longview (game site) does not have covered areas as it is a very large open field. There will be bleachers were the games are though, and the league will be providing at least 1 canopy, hopefully 2. Everyone coming is encouraged to bring an umbrella and jacket.

Players are allowed to wear long sleeves and sweatshirts but their jersey must be worn over top.

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