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Mafia Pick Up D1 Baseballer, Andrew Walling

The Mafia already had arguably the highest anticipated rookie sign with them this off-season in Josh Burckhardt. Now they might have the top 2...

Andrew Walling, a junior from R.A. Long agreed to join the team under one of the league's special unpaid HS deals. Last month he verbally committed to go play at Oregon State for college ball.

Right now at R.A. Long Walling bats, pitches and plays first base. Apparently Oregon State's staff is hoping he will be a two way player for them as he has a "powerful bat" and "clocks a fastball in the upper 80's." Walling is also left handed at stands 6'1 - 190 lbs.

Though he obviously seems to have the makings of a potential JAL star player, don't forget that we've seen in this league before that baseball-to-wiffleball doesn't always translate like you would assume. For that reason the power rankings jury will remain out on the Mafia's 2 rookies and keep the team at #7 until proven otherwise on the 12th.

At this point there's no disputing team co-owners Taite Kleine and Colby Gaston's abilities to find talent and go get it. What is definitely head scratching though, is an announcement Kleine made to go along with this signing.... Neither Burckhardt nor Walling nor Kleine (when he signs himslef) will be the team's ace pitcher on Nov. 12th. Instead, Colby Gaston (who was the team's #2 last season behind Kleine) has been declared the team's #1 arm. Management says this decision was made because of Gaston's experience over the rookies.

On a side note Kleine has still yet to sign himself to the team, but is expected to do so before Saturday. On a second side note, this signing of Walling comes a day after Taylor Yeo was cut by the team.

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