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Bison Bring Back Skreen, But Have to Make 2 Cuts. Greedy Move?

Winning is addictive... And now that the Columbia Bison of the "James French III era" have finally tasted it they're hooked.

Last night the team signed Mikel Skreen (who played for the team in JAL 10-12), a good offensive player who has gotten better and better as his career has gone on, to the point where his batting has received considerable recognition. But because the Bison had a full roster, before singing Skreen they released two of their current players: James French II (French III's father), and more notably long-time Bison member Ty Franklin (JAL 11-15).

On paper there's no question that the move is an upgrade. Skreen brings better batting to the table, just as good of fielding and an OK relief pitching option - an area of the depth chart the Bison are very light at after Ace Erik Titus. Reasoning for cutting 2 players instead of just 1 to make room for Skreen is because the team says they are going to try to acquire another player still before the 2nd half of the regular season on Dec. 23rd. The only problem with this is that it is somewhat risky because JAL CBA rules prohibit teams from re-signing a player they've cut until the next season. Basically, Ty Franklin, who was solid last Saturday and played a role in the team's 3-0 start is done as a Bison in JAL 15.

Of course at 3-0 some people will no doubt question team owner James French's decision. After all, if it ain't broke don't fix it right? True, but it's clear that deep down the Bison know to actually go deep in the playoffs they need a couple extra boosts. They've now got one now in Skreen, and we'll see what they do soon with that last roster spot.

Though Ty Franklin was cut he was given 24% minority ownership of the team by French to remain a part of this exciting JAL 15 journey for the Bison.

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