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K. Godinho/Express Sign $75 Extension, Waves Release Bunn

Express - K. Godinho

Kyle Godinho has been on the free agent market before. Granite, the only time he ever was (after JAL 13) he eventually decided to re-sign with the Express, but the experience was probably not something team owner Garrett Blain ever wants to endure again. Before last night Godinho was on schedule to once again become a free agent after this season, bur that will now not be happening. Godinho and the team have agreed to a $75/3-season contract extension. Any extension is effective immediately, so Godinho is locked into the Express now through JAL 17. Because Kyle Godinho is the team's GM it is unclear which side (Blain or Godinho) initiated the deal.

Waves - Bunn

Team owner Anthony Nusbaum has decided rookie Keith Bunn's services as a relief pitcher for the Waves are no longer needed. With Adam Clark, Lane Traver, and himself, Nusbaum says the team was probably too deep at that position and need to find another "good bat" instead. Since the Waves had a full 5-man player roster they had to cut someone to make room. Right now Nusbaum says he hopes and is "very close" to signing a rookie, Tanner Catlin.

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