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Poll Question: What Will Be the Surprise Story in the 2nd Half of Season?

So much has happened so far this season... And so much of it was unexpected. Surprise stories in this league are fun, and they're inevitable. Every time out, something new happens, something you didn't see coming.

In the 1st half of the season we watched the Bison go 3-0, and the Rapids sink into a very deep hole. Matthew Morton became a star, and Marcus Deyo showed that he can pitch at a high level. What types of new things like that will we be talking about the morning after regular season wraps up on Dec 23rd?

Every now and then people make bold predictions, and every now and then they end up actually coming true.

In the poll question below, we want to know what your bold prediction is for the second half of the regular season on Dec 23rd. Tell us, and we'll post the best responses!

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